Mixed emotions about this one.
But I guess that's what this poem is about.

Your perfume is rain on my windshield.

I never turn on my wipers because I like to feel the danger of driving fast without being able to see.

Your smile is loud neighbors, up until 4 when I have to be up at 5.

I don't need the sleep anyway.


Your laugh is stupid

Your love is stupid

Your hands are small and they sweat too much.

And please quit putting on lotion, your skin is surely drowning in the hydration.


I love your laugh.

It makes me feel warm.

I love the way you whisper I love you when I'm barely awake.

I love how my hands encase yours and how we never let go through the perspiration.

And I love the smell of your coconut lotion, filling my nostrils when you put it on.


I'm becoming confused.

You draw me closer and closer.


I see everything clearly.

You've proved you don't want me around.


Ditch me.


I want to come over


Hate me.


Make me your reason to smile.


Leave me.


Come back.


I love you.


This isn't about you.

The End

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