Good Info Provides Info of Feelings Changing Towards FriendsMature

Next day, Ashley ran

Up to me and said, guess what?

My friend informed me

That one of the boys we met

Yesterday likes you. Heart skips


A few beats, "Really?

Which one Ashley? Do you know?"

She gave a sad  grin,

Jake wouldn't say. Friend secret

you know? Why do you care though?


Blush creeps up my face,

And Ashley knew instantly,

You like one of em,

But which one? Nolan? Alex?

Blushing again, "It's Nolan."


Knew it. I'll talk to

Jake. Maybe he'll talk now since

Nolan has a chance.

Whoa, Ashley's being a friend.

It was strange for me, but


I smiled, and said,

"Thanks Ashley for all the help."

No problem, old friend.

The End

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