This Conference has Suddenly Sparked My InterestMature

The black haired, blue eyed boy

Greeted Ashley and I

With a dimpled smile and a, Hi

I'm Nolan.


Conversation began immediatly

Full of assorted things:

The conference,


Gay people,

And a bunch of

Lovely Sexual jokes.


Nolan fascinated me.

Something about him made me

Want to never leave his side.

This strange, magnetic-like tug

Making me follow

His every move.


And I did follow him.

On the bus, sitting

Right in front of him

As we made funny jokes

Involving an innocent pen.


We got back to school,

And Ashley dragged me

To the girl's bathroom.

I think they're both gay. She sniffed.

I just shrugged, personally

Wishing Nolan was

Quite the opposite.


And I felt

My high go down

From the thought of

Nolan, being gone


Wait, high?

I misunderstand

This feeling in me, but personally

I don't wish

To question.

The End

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