This Conference was Going to Be a BoreMature

March 12th, I expected

A rather uneventful day.

A simple conference for SC

An excuse really,

To get out of school for free.


Unfortunetly, after months

of Ashley leaving me

Alone, due to her sudden

Pop status, she's returned

To squishing me into

The bus window, knee

Sitting on mine.


To make matters


She's in my group,

Oh we're gonna have

Such a fun time!

I stood and smiled,

Silent as a mime.


Good news was,

I wasn't alone.

Alex, 7th grade pal,

indured the pain

As well.

Lucky for him it was

From a distance.


Lunch came around,

And Ashley and I

Were alone.

"Let's go sit

With Alex and his friend."

His friend, whom I'd never seen


We walked over...

And I was changed


The End

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