Valentine's Day only Makes it Obvious Who Exactly is Single to the Rest of the WorldMature

The boy hopping has slowed

Down to two specific ones

Nick and Darren.

Two boys




The works.

I have crushes

On them,

Just as the month of love

Rolls near.


Valentine's in school

Means a carnation sale

Run by us, Student council.

Simplistic thing it was

Pink for friends

Red for crushes

And guess who was beside me

In the stand?

Good ol' Ashley

Our dear presidente.


Meanwhile, I was


Who to buy

A flower for.

Darren or Nick?


Who would I have

A better chance with?

I got an answer

To that question

And quickly jotted one name down.


Too bad I didn't hide it

Well enough.

Aww, you like Nick?

Ashley had to coo.

I gave her a glare,

"Don't tell anyone."

I'm not one to tell (lie)

But if you want I'll

Say who I like. (Oh?)

It's Jeremy (No way!)

But please don't tell him, ok?

"I promise Ashley."

Thanks Liz.


Too bad Ashley,

I never keep secrets

Of the hated.

The very same day

I told my ex-crush



And I tell you what

Karma can really bite ya

In the ass.

Learned from a friend,

Nick was quite irritated

By getting a red carnation

From Lizzie the Ugly

(To him at least.)

I cried that day, for I learned

Nick didn't want love

Or personality.

He wanted the hot thought

Of being in bed with a pop.

The End

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