I had a nightmare/dream

Late last night.

Could it happen? Will it?

Only time will tell.


The nightmare part was all the same.

Ashley coming after me,

And planting one

Right on my lips.

I imagined

Breaking down

With friends helping me

As I slowly drowned.


The dream part was slightly different,

Consisting of Brent, ex-crush of mine

When did that surface

To the core of my mind??

Nevermind the point is,

Brent was my white knight,

The hero,

Main macho,

The sweet perfection,

Starring last night.


Speaking of which, here comes

Another ex-crush

Down the hall.

Best friends we were of last year,

But all that's changed eradically

For now Jeremy's pop

And I am not.

Now strutting down the halls,

Jere puts on a grin

And says some crap,

Puts me down again.


He really shouldn't do that.

The End

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