Schedule of LifeMature

Another day

Another dollar.

Hmm, we should honestly

Get paid

For going to this terrible place

Called school.


My life, in fact,

seems to have become

Like clockwork,

With everything the same.


Wake up

Eat breakfast

Go to school

Be dragged by Ashley


Be dragged by Ashley again

Go home

Get yelled at for being imperfect

Eat dinner



Alas, a new person

Speaks today.

Kacey, the perfectionist

came our way.

Can I join you? She asked, polite

No! My friend,

Gwen, hissed.

But I, being the nicer being

replied, "Of course."

We hit it off right there,

Kacey, Gwen, and I,

Who'd think that we'd ever


The End

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