Sucks to Be MeMature

I walked in, opened my locker the next day

Cringing, knowing Ashley was soon on her way



She embraced me,

And I knew she knew.

Liz, why didn't you tell me

Your uncle passed away?

"I don't want it out," I somewhat lied.


In reality, didn't wany many to know

In reality, I especially didn't want Ashley

To know, this being

The consequence.


I managed out of her grasp,

And gathered my books.

She followed me to my homeroom,

And around the school.

I began turning

Towards my friend


Only to have

Ashley pulling me

By the wrist.


"Ashley, I want to see Andrienne

Is that so hard?"

Yes, you hang out with me

And me only.

"That's not very nice.

I have the right of other friends."

No you don't. And with a final tug

I was torn away

From my real friends.

Once again, 6th grade


All over again.

The End

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