Different? Not quite yet.Mature

I walked into school,

Bright smile

On my face.


I felt

This year

Was going to be different.


Something was to happen

But what?

Not a clue.


Some new friends,

Others long gone,

Then others, I wish were gone.


Speaking of which,

Here comes Ashley,

The annoying bitch.


Liz, how was your summer?

Great, my uncle died.

I thought. But I merely said,

"Nice," knowing if I said

Otherwise, it'd be an excuse

For her to touch me.


Now Ashley some would say is nice.

I disagree.

I hold a grudge, that cannot be fixed

For...well ever.


She had done things

Not in her place to do.

Made me look like a fool

In front of the school.

Hugs me (little too much)

Wants to be with me

Alone (a little too often).


....Still don't get the vibe?

If I told you she kissed me


Would that help?

How about looking

Over the stalls

At me?

I thought so.


So I avoided her

The best I could.



Best was never

Good enough.

The End

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