Elegy of CarelessnessMature

Exactly as the name suggests.

A brand new piece of paper;

Another chance to start again.

          Don't fuck this up.

                    Don't make the same mistakes

                              You careless little prick!

This time it will be better,

A happier story;

No bad endings.

          Unless you can't control yourself,

                    And you go off on a tangent,

                              Don't lose sight of the main conflict!

The poetic search for happiness

I've almost got it,

Almost there!

          Unless you fuck it up again

                    Because you're careless

                              You don't watch where you're going and you trip.

                                                     And you've tripped up too many times.

This time will be different:

I'll do it better!

I can be better! I will be better!

The blank canvas will be a beautiful masterpiece.




I love you.

The End

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