Elegy is Eulogy

a girl from the class of 2010 at my high school died yesterday. we're a really close knit community so everybody at least sort of knew her. I didn't know her well, but I saw her in the halls a lot, and I can't remember one time she wasn't smiling. Rest in Peace, Catie.

A smile died yesterday,
An endangered breed no doubt,
Just a few hundred left in the world,
Teacher told us this morning,
With tears in her eyes, repressing sobs,
But most of us already knew and cried,
Knew when we saw on Facebook
the "Everybody loved you Catie,"
The "when the sun shines I'll know it's you smiling down at us,"
And the "Remember when... I'll miss that."
Cried even if we didn't know her,
No chance for that now,
Just wishing to have a do-over,
So we could say hi in the halls,
Get to know the dynamic person
Suddenly gone,
Thriving one minute,
Writhing the next,
Then gone.
Cried really damn hard.
But, we cried again,
And again,
And again.
It sort of comes like tsunamis,
One by one,
Hitting, Recovering, Hitting again,
Rippling out from the spot of a crash,
Of a brilliant beautiful meteor,
Have you ever noticed,
That when a cold shower hits your back
And you gasp
It feels like crying?
Like christmas lights,
An extinguished smile
kills the whole line. 
Why is it always the smiles that die young? 
The first of September,
The first of a lot of things,


The End

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