He was the last one,

He hated them,

now they're gone,

Gone but not forgotten,

His memories immortalize them

in the final sentience

of the last human being.

He walks alone through the darkness

of former civilizations,

he begins to regret

the things that he did.

He hears a low sound


all around him.

It's a song, perverted by static and electronic verse,

low bitrate.

The robotic voice speaks,

and the truth comes out,

it bleeds through the silence,


It fills the air,

and the truth echoes,

disturbing the dust,

the dust of them.

He rages about until he sees it,

a blue glow,

in the distance beyond him,

it forms into those he destroyed,

they march solemnly forward,

in one direction.

They are the last ones.

And the song becomes




He thrashes,

and tries to kill the sound,

the sound of his heart,

pounding out guilt.

The photonic ghosts continue,

and their blue glow irradiates


The darkened city breathes.

And life briefly spawns.

Everything shines,


The mob is upon him,

he can't hear himself.

His ears begin to bleed...

A young woman

reaches out

her hand,

he takes it,

and the dead ones are gone.

And so is he...

The End

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