El Sol E La Luna

(The sun and the moon) A poem telling a story of the sun and moons love for each other.

When the sun and the moon fell in love,

There were bright shining lights from the stars above,

The clouds all turned into amazing shapes,

Comets fell like golden drapes,

Falling slowly, slowly like tears from your eyes,

Then speeding across the dark blue sky.


A romantic scene,

Or so it seems,

As moon bends down upon one knee,

And says "sun, will you marry me",

suns face goes from bright yellow to bright red,

As crazy thoughts of her and moon went through her head,

Now the romance sun did not want to kill,

So she looked into his eyes and said " of course i will".


For sun and moon it was 'fine and dandy',

For earth and its people it was 'sour candy',

The earth was so cold it would be artic soon,

But sun could not help she was so busy with moon,

The moon controlled the waters,

But the cities were drowned in sea,

When moon and sun saw this they whispered "oh dearie me",

Sun looked at moon and began to sob,

"We must focus on are normal jobs,


"I'll search for you by day" says sun "dream of you at night"

"I'll search for you by night, my dear, with all of my might"

But However Hard They Tried They'd Never Find A Way Yet They Are Searching For Each Other Till This Day.


(sun rise, sun set, moon rise,moon set)



The End

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