This is how I will remember you.Mature

This is how I will remember you.

Andrean and I ate a jalapeno.

It wasn't bad, until we got
to the seeds, where hell resides.

The tops of our strawberry Fanta
were already pried of by eager

fingers, and Andrean's tanned hand--
brown by pigment, darker still

from working in the sun--
snaked across the table to steal

my soda, my one shot at drowning
out the taste of too-much-guacamole.

In a fit of evilness, I allowed Andrean
to chug the entire bottle,

which only served to heap
more misery onto his tongue. His face

was bright red--

whether from the jalapeno or mortification,
I shall never know--and that

is how I remember him. Laughing,
crying, stealing my Fanta, still alive.

The End

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