Eire's Love

Love, loss, beauty, painfilled memories and hard learned lessons.

Eire’s Love


The light of a new day shines brightly in your smile.

Your hair smells like the morning dew as it rests softly on your shoulders.

Your eyes are the deepest set of blue and happiness flows from them like a river,

I wish to touch your skin but the softness of it threatens to shatter my resolve.

Your exuberant vitality warms my very heart as I watch you watching me,

Our souls are forever bound together hand in hand in a field of green,

Where you laugh and run with me, always and forever until all eternity is through.

I hold you in my arms now as I have always held you in my mind,

I will never let you go for your soul is that which makes me whole.

I need you more then I need each passing breath that fills my lungs.

You are my reason for living and without you the world is lifeless and gray,

The sun holds no warmth and the night is cold and dark.

Time is an endless sea of waiting where I am forever cold and wet,

I need once more the passion of your lips to warm my spirit and quicken my pulse.

The days go by as sand falls evermore through the hour glass of my life,

And as each grain falls a tear mimics itself to settle in the pool of my sorrow.

I long for the day when you will once again;

Smile your smile for me,

Touch your delicate hands to my face,

Rest your head on my chest,

Let me loose myself in your eyes.

Warm my soul with your love…

The End

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