Sixteen is the Deadline for HopeMature

they say that teenagers are overemotional,
but i feel too much and care too little.

i'm about 2 scorched bridges away from 
finding a nice little alcove to die

because you acted like my fatigue
was a personal affront, even though i 
just can't sleep,
probably wouldn't even if i taped my eyelids shut

and when i was young
(younger, i remind myself)
i would laugh and sing
and act like everything's okay

but now that i'm older it's still there,
but i'm mature enough to give the darkness a name,
the name of the teenage boogeyman 
(depression, a sadistic part of myself whispers)

so i think, before i turn sixteen,
i need to find myself
something worth living for,
because love writing happiness family i can't think 
of anything right now.

and this five-year-old soul
with a seventy-year-old mind
and a body for a teenager

cannot handle much more

until my matches run out of 
paths to burn behind me 
like a beacon to where i am

(like a funeral pyre, it says)

The End

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