Other ideas if you're stuck for an out

Silvia Plath had her way with the baker,
Not the funnest way to meet your maker,

A shotgun was kurt cobain's way,
It's better to burn out than fade away,

A magicians trick gone wrong,
May leave your life not very long,

Take a bath whilst high on drugs,
leave hot tap on; death by suds

Steal a plane and admire the fall,
Or just drop from the highest wall,

Go North and eat a polar bear's liver,
Shoes of concrete won't get wet in a river,

Lying in wait of a train,
Hear the squish of your brain,

Take no precautions when working an oil rig,
Get crushed at the front of your favourite gig,

Inviting a stranger into your bed,
a kinky way you could end up dead.

The End

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