Killer Products

A friend of mine bought Slimming Pills,

She thought she was a bit fat.

But ate them all, and wasted away,

that's the end of that.


Another friend got Broken TV,

To put his mechanic skills to test,

But the TV went Zap! as he let out a cry,

Now he's peacefully at rest.


I know a girl who took Sleeping Pills,

She needed to calm down,

But she took them pre-swimming,

And the poor girl did drown.


I also knew one who took Fast Growup,

After being told he was too immature,

He grew up fast- to 107,

Sadly, he is now no more.


Another mate bought Bit of Wood,

It made her kitchen look fine,

But when she had trouble with matches,

The fireman couldn't get there in time.


What is the meaning of this poem?

You'll know, if you have a smart head,

Do not buy any products above,

Or you will end up...DEAD.



The End

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