One sure shot way

This is fun hence even I am trying

To inspire some people who aren’t dying


To cover all options you did manage

But what about the slow painful death by marriage

Some times it’s easier to end your life

By taking your girl friends name when calling your wife

Or simply by answering her innocent queries

Like “what do you think?”, “Is she hotter than me?”


“Am I fat?” and “what you don't like about me?”

Are some sure shot killers whatever the answer be


And if fate still lets you live

Be sure, she will never forgive

The day of revenge she will plan each day

And very soon you will be shouting “May day”


Funny; that after her charms have worked on you

You will be gone but there still be few

Those who will never learn from your ordeal

They will say, “Marriage! What’s the big deal?”

Hence if you want an end to your story

A lot of things you don’t need to worry

Forget the knife, drowning, jumping or electric shock

Just go to your girl and give her a rock

The End

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