The thesaurus is your best friend. I love finding obscure words which often end up being perfect for dark abstract poetry. I went wiki-walking through articles on Greek mythology after finding the article on eidolons, which as wikipedia puts it: a spirit-image of a living or dead person; a shade or phantom look-alike of the human form."

Torturous shattered shapes
Glimpsed behind falling water
Doors held shut with determined cruelty

Let me out

Keenly felt, a notion
On the edge of perception
A sense that you've been here before

Don't keep me here

Echoes in every room, every neuron
Milky stares like melting coins
Faceless, nameless, blameless

I don't deserve this

Figments in flesh with lanky bogeyman arms
Dragging prey through purgatorial gates and into
The awful lower floors spoke of only in

Hell. This is Hell

Windows cracking like varicose veins
Unhealthy pallor of the walls
Is there beauty in decay?

Go back to your own world

Manifestations of tortured souls
Phantom doppelgangers born
Brought to the crossroads of fate

Your mocking Eidolons will haunt me no more

The End

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