Ei Otsikkoa


I have no words to state this statement

A little sentence made me cry of it's words

My emptiness in words is making me cry

I'll cry if you tell me a certain word


Those words you utter, I hold them dear

I don't know what you're saying, yet I eagerly listen

Never stop your speaking, I beg you

And that tone in your voice, makes me feel at ease

That warm aura of humble hearts

The quiet sadness underground, etched in folklore

I wish to speak with your tongue

Just as you are talking to me in this very moment

That soul within your kind eyes

I am so the same, if only I could be understood

If only you could realize, if only I could


Your words would easily state my emotion

One little sentence you write, and all is therein

I read it loud, pronounce it right, just like you

Yet still I don't know what you wrote


I wish to fall asleep to your voice

The steady, calm and hard melody

The mellow, true and wise tone

The fast, harsh and flowing rhythm

The End

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