Behind closed lids, It takes a few shots, attempts 

To find that smile in the dark

Then a few more moments to piece together a face to fit

animated shards of eggshell, laugh against echoes in a skull


It doesn't feel pretend yet


I gain two pale dull eyes, a ribcage of calcium bones to hold to me

Two large hands climb into my mouth, up into my head

dancing, prodding fingers just above my throat, choking reflex 


It grows real, It becomes just like life 


Tapping against the inside of my skin, bubbling over 

beating me like an african drum, beat, beat, beat 

The longer I think, the more I can see, every perfect flaw 

I see angry and happy, and I love them both


I love you both 


Acid pulses beneath the surface for you 

Every time I close, to cover empty sockets 

It takes a few more ticks, each time 

Theres panic

To assemble my counterfeit puppet


I lose your organs one at a time 

First I spat out your heart, My eyes flew to follow 

then I dragged out each of your teeth, my hair fell out 

So I again swallowed each tooth, but couldn't keep them down any longer 


And I hold your tongue between each of mine 


It's a reverse polaroid, It's leaving, bleeding 

dripping out, like extracting poison I need to live 

It's fingernails digging into my stomach 

Each time theres more eggshell, theres more empty, and


The loss will kill, the loss is against my will 

The loss is...That the loss isn't a a loss to the lost....


Only the lost. 

The End

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