Eggs and Soldiers

I stir from my sleep early morn.
Waking in my maidens bed.
She, my love, is still asleep,
As I watch her rest her head

Love steals her strength,
And lust steals her rest.
My love so drained of life,
I stroke her hair.
And caress her flesh.

But the battle of the day to day calls.
So the prince must leave her thrown,
Alas a man of taste.
He will not leave without his feelings known.
So he leaves a note.

She wakes some time shortly after.
Her hair a mess, her head worse.
Waking up alone, for her is always disaster,
Feeling scorned. Feeling cursed.

She walks through the living room,
The corridor, searching for her king.
Approaching the kitchen in utter despair
No longer do the love birds sing.

Finally she reaches the kitchen,
Finding an unexpected breakfast.
Warm, and no colder.
Beside it is a pink note with doodles reading
“Enjoy your eggs and soldiers”
She finds another little note, with scribbled love hearts,
And words corrected.
And amongst artful declarations of love reads…
“My soldiers won’t leave you unprotected”

The End

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