Un Pinchazo Traviesa y Afable

Yah-yo-li, Fah-foh-li
El Yo-Vacilia'o
Has 'spired to be
A bit impish.

Fr'strated by 'tractions,
also by hyphen'ed words.
(they) Should be 'bolish(ed)!


I think I should explain myself: All the debate over the little nit-picky things of this excercise has made me impish.  I couldn't resist a good-natured jab, I really couldn't.  I'm all for limitations and such, and regulations and expectations are good and all, but I think sometimes people should take chances and bend those rules a bit.  The Guidance may be asking for "slavish adherence to meter, rhythm, and rhyme," but this laborer's trying to fight back a bit.


Estrellas mías, I'm just asking for trouble, aren't I?

The End

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