Efforts in Vain

It's about realising that life is far from a jolly affair, and it seems that all the world's troubles have attached themselves to you

These days repeat themselves

Right in front of me

Caught in a cycle

Nothing in the way of fortune

Spinning infinitely


Back and forth on these snow filled streets

The future’s looking pretty bleak

Money comes and goes like the seasons

I’m slowly losing my ability to reason

And everything else will so follow


Easy days are over

And my time here is done

Black clouds and a storm filled city

And I suppose it’s fitting

that I’m forever caught in the rain


Perhaps I’m missing something

Isn’t it great to be living with nothing

No more sorrows and no more pains

No more effort and trying in vain


But I’m wearing away

Slowly, slowly becoming insane

Creeping, falling into madness

No more effort and trying in vain

The End

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