What I (Need To) KnowMature

He thinks of desire

He knows my own, as always

That smile

The one that makes me wonder

Was it something I did?

He winks

Yes, I think it was

What did I do?

Whatever the case, he deserves

A sweet reward

And the gift I extend is sweet enough

Unwrapped in minutes

And soon, we're both shaking

The bliss of the moment reflected

In his eyes, I see it

It was effortless...

How simple it all seems

The request and then

It is done

Is that why

He is in such a hurry?

Was it something I did?

What did I do this time?

He does not wink, but rather grins

As if telling me he knows a secret

One he would not give up easily, his eyes convey

But as I lean in, presenting another offering,

I expect to soon find out.

The End

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