we set the table of our lives

with the knife blades facing out

in no efforts to protect ourselves.

Daddy always told me not to play with fire

but I soaked myself with gasoline

strung my skin with wire

a spark a fuse an accidental burn

could ignite all we've ever learned

not to do 

into such a beautiful disaster.

All I know is when you looked at me through the lens

I said "I love you."

I really meant


when we turned off the camera

and turned to our lust

I knew this was going to shatter us

into fragments of dust

in no efforts to protect ourselves

we fall.

Promises here are as useful as

a helmet to a sky diver

a seatbelt to a race car driver

promises here are knives

to cut out the sparkle in our eyes

we may be blind but at least we have memories

through the lens

I said "I love you"

I really meant it.

I love you.

The End

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