Education, The Sin

Our knowledge of the world
Will drive us insane.
We urge to become stronger, better, smart
But to what avail?
We learned to split the atom
Now our leaders have become
Mad. With power.
They arm themselves daily
To protect us from the "harms"
Of those who can not handle it.
We learned to go into space.
We search for life outside our marble.
We do not pay attention to our dying world
Our Mother is sick
Yet we do not care.
We learned that time is constant.
We sit in dry hallways searching for
"The Beginning of Time."
We learned to speak.
Our words mean nothing.
Just senseless babble born from senseless people.
We learned to walk.
We trample children beneath our feet,
Conforming them to our demands.
Who's ready to learn more? 

The End

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