Educate Me

Intelligence goes beyond academics.


It saddens me that even the winters cold grasp on this two toned place can’t even disregard the warm glow of the sun while I’m stuck in this patch of bitter froze.

My reality doesn’t come it goes, because nothing they ever taught me amounts the wisdom a mountain holds.

Soft earth standing against time,

mightier than anything man has ever known, ever built.

I would like to see a text book enlighten me like a warm summer storm. Tossing my being like wind tosses hair, drenching me with  life, as the winds spirit replaces air.

I will wade into the waves surrender my sins to their graceful discipline

because the ocean knows which secrets to hold.

Before you shove your numbers down our throats

Show us how to respect.

Show us how to hold the hands of those

who judge each other as if its their right,

who where taught it was their right.

But here I stand froze from the things society forgot to teach themselves.

The End

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