Black waves crash beneath my feet

as we dance on the edge of forever.

Red leaves rustle in the breeze 

high above me, through the trees 

and we fall in the dark, together.


Falling, falling, falling down

into a cloud of smoke.

I open my eyes, now I can see

all the wonders there could be,

and then the voices spoke.


Whisper, whisper, in my ear

the secrets of my heart, 

My future life and even past,

until the voices cease at last

and my world is torn apart.


And then I wake to our descent 

into the black below

But then the waves flood the shore,

drowning the seaside, forevermore,

and  the memories that we know.

I spread my wings, now we're birds

and we've learned to fly.

Above the waves and cliffs, we rise,

saying goodbye to words and lies,

and we soar across the sky.

I gaze below to see

every bush, tree, and hedge.

We fold our wings and make a dive

to where we live our fragile lives

and we dance along the edge. 

The End

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