September 4, 1990Mature

I had this idea of a story in letter. Kind of like that Lake House movie. The guy in the past is Eddie. He finds a box in the attic. He writes a letter to himself and puts it in the box.
The guy in the future is Logan. He has moved in to Eddie's old house. He finds the box and decides to write back to Eddie.
Eddie looks at the letter again and sees Logan's reply.

Dear Me,

You're a dick. You're a big, fat, loser dick. That's right, Eddie. Look at yourself in the mirror and see that pathetic piece of crap you call you. You blew it, man. Sophie was the only good thing in your life and you blew it. You weren't good enough for her and you never will be. That's a fact. She broke up with you because you suck as a person.

Listen to me, man. I am past you. When you read this letter in a ten years, I want you to laugh at yourself. I want you to piss yourself laughing because you were so stupid and sad. I want you to look at that hot chick next to you and be happy that she isn't your heartless ex. I want you to read this in a giant tub of money. Promise me that, you dick. Promise me that you will make things better. And promise me that in 10 years, you will NOT be going to a goddamn therapist for depression and wasting your money on useless shit pills that don't even work.

Love, E.

The End

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