The timbre of your voice when you’re telling secrets
Your whispered sibilants
The confidential curl to your lower register
Trap doors in the rafters
Above your heart’s attic
Hung on invisible hinges

I envy the bats who wait there for dusk
To swoop through a gray parallelogram
To satisfy their appetites

We erode the contours of the landscape by day
Fading a little each time they’re seen
Just a sliver of a fraction of a shade

In any muted, familiar place
The bats know that things change moment to moment
And those are the details that matter
Those are the truths you should chase -
You can follow their trail if you listen
signal – echo – adjust, signal – echo – adjust

Calling ahead, I can find a way
Through the plan of your labyrinth,
Bend my hopes around the barriers
Before I crash into them

Alas, the paths I took before
Were rearranged behind me
So leave the past in dust and shade
And I’ll fly onward blindly

The End

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