Echo from within

For my Mother...

It's been years since you walked away from my life
The moment you left me, I scolded at you, blaming you for your betrayal
And I spend the rest of my life regreting about it...
I should have embraced you tight
I should not have let you go with tears streaming down on your face
...I should have respected your decision

It is not fair to blame you for what I hafta go through
You did me a great favor- bringing me to this world
That's all you can give to me
and that's all I can get from you...

Thought I would never need you
Thought I would live strongly on my own
But then the emptiness deep inside my heart
hurts me badly
every so often

Ain't nobody can fill it up
Ain't nothing can compare to you...

"...Like a bird without a song
Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling..."

The End

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