'eat your vegetables, do your squats, wear red lipstick and don’t let boys be mean to you' - Advice from an 18 year old sceptic

A response.

The reason you are sad is not hidden in the seed of a butternut squash,
nor will crunching your calves until you cannot walk upright bring your father back.
Your stomach will thank you for the vitamins,
Your skin will glow but
glowing skin and a healthy gut does not make up for toxic thoughts.
You are incandescent,
but not because your ass is firm.

Red lipstick will make you feel invincible,
or like a whore,
there will be no in-between, no half measures.
Red lipstick will not make your tongue velvet,
words are barbed and they will hurt your voicebox,
but speak them anyway.
You are a lion,
roar like one.

Boys will be mean to you.
Everyone will be mean to you.
Penis, Vagina or whatever lies in-between their unforgiving thighs,
they will be mean to you.

You have to be mean, too.

The world is not obliged to care about you,
but there are those who will, despite the fact you’re about as much use as a paper bag in the rain.

People are scared of all the wrong things,
be terrified of everything.


The End

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