Eat Boiled Crow(part two)

...Wife! O wife! must it be so, that you take pleasure in the majesty of my suffering? Has the crime wrought thy fettle so much, that you dare to wield, smote, leave an ashen and pallid death? Quick then! like an owl on fieldmice/ For in nature, death strikes with no warning and is deft at ending the senses: the hairy woubit, the sallow looper - those edible jewels that slake their thirst on morning dew(with backs to hungry ravens) never knew, if this day, on that leaf, be their last/ To fear, is to fear you will not be swift/ To make me the masterpiece of bloody butchery...O to die with the albatross, out there, on the brine, cracks the whip of brevity/ O tempest, 'gainst the barque you whet your teeth/ O mariner, ragdoll in the swell, thy fate is well-greased...We are all moonstruck by the stella tyrant/ Upon this desert town, infernal oculus, you glare, you snarl/ Thy reins, thou tug at the welkin so scorched/ O ubiquitous heat and dust/ Thy soroccos sweep in to flamenco and raze/ O pyres and urns, leaveth behind the airborne armies that loot our bairns/ Anon! the most unforgiving greed, to veins 'neath taut hides/ Taketh, you leprous swarms - our last threadbare donkeys!..

The End

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