Eat Boiled Crow(part one)

This crystal ball, not I, to see which road your heart will take/ 'Tis easy to see between those eyes into a house full of unrestrained jealousies...O brain so blind to reason, with rattle in its tail, will - to the skillet, the verjuice - that do make the nectar of the maple scream/ Now rock those acrimonies to sleep - better to be a zephyr than a hurricane...What if I give you leave to paradise/ Where colours and smells bright and fragrant as heaven never fade and songbirds make you smile? Here then, is the first pail of the year/ As alkali is to acid/ So to are the creamy biestings that soothe so many a barbed spleen...O praise the Earth's waxing star/ For you could dance round the maypole/ Wait! I beseech you! your mind is a forge and foundry/ A crucible that do pour rivers of molten steel into the jaws of steam-hammers/ And there, they do mischief with metal - soft as toffee - but when shaped and cooled, would make the old Pear of Anguish look friendly...Before you, on this chair, I am bound/ 'Neath His celestial mane, I call for clemency - tethered, Lord! an armet, now, to shield me/ Look mildly 'pon this scene and I go with much terror and pain/ By thy own mighty hands, to thee, I gladly give up the ghost/ O arrest this heart with a thunderclap and shrivel it to a sticky prune!..

The End

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