It's the second poem in my Elements 'collection'

The teeth of mountains and the traps of sand

The lord of creatures and all of the land

I am the island to stand on, to sleep at peace

I am flowers, the cities and the trees


My pounding heartbeat, can resonate and leave cities broken

I can be the fear, a word never spoken

I can open up, unrelenting, hungry

I will, in my anger, lay waste to your cities


The roar of the deep, and the shattering of rocks

You shall fear the muscle and power of the ages

As I bury history and shape the world

The world shall tremble as I rage


Hidden in my heart, treasures to corrupt even the purest eye

Blood shed for a emperor's throne, selling your will for gold

A molten heart, a world slowly dying

But in time they will know true power


I live in the trees, the jungles, the graves of wars long forgotten

I am the king of the grass and the dirt

You shall sing my praises evermore

I am the unstoppable force, I am Earth 


The End

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