Each one Teach one (the chronicle truths)Mature

 How sweet it is to let love mushroom inside your heart

so let's not follow the evil ways of these hypocrites,

for their love is just a figment of your imagination.

Each to teach his own  so let's moralize our nation

and always give thanks to the father of all creation.

It is of great joy to feel such togetherness.

Emancipate yourselves from the imponderable mysteries of this universe.

We are the roses of this soil like I said before,

so how can we inveigh against our own?

Black or white just let your love flow.

Each to teach his own so let the chronicle truths be known.

People are under a misconception about this mystical journey

don't you know that gender is no licence for knowledge

and that race is no qualification for success?

 Each to teach his own for our brothers fell deep in slumber,

as our sisters blunder along this dark path.

We tend to follow evil cults and certain orders,

well it seems Satan has jumped the heaven's borders.

It is of great sorrow to watch you sacrifice your souls in vain,

for I know the Great King will prevail.

As I wait so patiently for that glorious day,

all the chronicle truths must be known.

Now let each one teach one,

for the Great King will soon come for His own.

The End

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