Each day

Each day, I am amazed at the will to survive

Of the walking dead that linger to begin their 9-5.

 Attempting to afford broken homes and weekly loans

 Knowing well, that their destiny is unknown,

And is in the hands of no one, but their own.

Only by the work of their blood sweat and tears

Shall they see the path they’re on, that’s soon to be gone.

Sad I know. But that is survival, and he is all alone. However,

It has been said, that us humans we are a surviving race,

But what good is a race when there is only a first or second place.

It’s almost as if life is handing out one tiny participation award,

Without giving the underachievers a chance to clasp tightly to their swords.

See I have climbed the tallest of staircases,

And I have made a thousand big macs.

And yet all I am left with are visions of empty suitcases and goon sacks hanging from the clothes line.

But when you take a step back

And see through the broken cracks of reality,

You will see that fred bezos, the billionaire founder of amazon, jay leno, seal and pink at some stage in their working lives worked at mcdonalds.

All are previous zombies of society, working the 9-5 cavity  in order to survive.

But to say I’m surviving life irrefutably differs to when I’m  saying I’m living my life.

and if you were to die today and god met you at the gates of heaven and asked you, have you lived your life?

your answer could be no more reliable then the yes, no, maybe rubber you flip in primary school to see whether or not that special someone loves you.

life’s confusing, we all know that,

But God in his might, gave us the free will and ability to control our own future and build it higher

a gold medalist Olympic fighter or the Eifel tower.

But, It never occurred to me until recently, the sheer power we hold within our own finger tips

Yet we use them to play video games and to put food on our lips

To search and destroy and play real life battle ships.

And in my dreams, I see us all standing alone on crowded streets,  zombies confiding to the unwritten laws of survival and not to the ethical laws of living.

See I know you feel powerless against the roots of society but if you “Seek you shall find”, a promise fulfilled by the heavens,

don’t wait until the clock strikes eleven eleven to wish for your future.

Don’t wait for a preacher to open your eyes,

Taking each day one at a time.

And within each of those days, surviving to make a living becomes a great crime against ourselves.

Because that’s what we do, we survive so we can scrape past the costs of living,

And leave in the wake of it all, dust covered photo albums hidden in the ceiling.

And “when a man says he can’t do something, he has made a suggestion to himself, he has weakened his power of accomplishing that of which, could have been accomplished. – mahummad ali.

So when you wake up tomorrow to beat the early morning rush hour and all you can see,

Is the alarm clock ringing saying it’s 6:15,

Knowing that 40 hours a week at a dead end job is exactly what it seems,

That your life’s hopes and goals are all gone in the seams and fabrics of what it makes, and that’s me.

And when will you finally realize that the world doesn’t revolve around giving you a platinum platter,

Rather to embrace and lull in the handing out of a golden fee. It’s a never ending ladder.

The world won’t wait for you to evolve and become who you are,

You used to believe it when your mum would say that you can reach for the stars

So why can’t you see that you haven’t come that far.

You are only in the beginning of your life

Don’t waste it by filling your past years with doubt.

Siphon and embrace what you can become, because if history has taught us anything it is you have to fail in order to become someone,

And if it wasn’t for the disbelievers and receivers of false accusations in our lives where would Michael Jordan be. Where would steve jobs or walt Disney be today if they weren’t told they aren’t good enough for society.

You may be stuck in your 9-5 blackhole, but it’s called a hole for a reason and to say you can’t climb out of the other end is to say you have given up on life.

See this is where our 6th sense survival is so necessary,

Because without it we’d be sucked in by the black hole, leaving us as a zombie connected to our 9-5 like a parking fine leading to a canary.


19 years young and yet I can see the toll life takes on those who choose to live to survive, rather then to survive to live.

Each day I wonder to myself why I’m here, what importance could I possibly have on this earth.

Each day I wonder where I’ll be in 10 years,

Each day I am amazed at the thought of what I could find.








The End

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