Various venues

Escaping round the Hillock

When post Joan of Arc

Austerity was unrelentingly harsh

He moved into the attic and painted St Pauls

It is a curious example

Clouds of horror, waste and extinction

He disquietith himself

Like wind he howls down the chimney

Isolated points of collision

An agnostic Englishman


In the evening they walk

conjure up conviviality

History does not respond to the nature of fear

Properity moulds

Swallowing up her best traits

A life full of magical magnetism

Her sernity of mind was not shaken


His temper not equal

An inquisitive physiog

Peering from windows

Don't cry for the moon

You hate me heartily

Warmth and gaiety

Little wife full of perplexities

Choked away in tawny hue

I lay a wager he is gone by morning

You know I'm a hideous man


He loved me never worse

Zealously attached, the way to heaven is shorter

Transcribe a passage while ascending the stairs

Poor red and blinking eyes

A penance for the smiter

All of him in a snafu


Who is that going across the lawn

A secular Clergyman

Spirit of zeal, good fruit in heart and head

Aching legs fell off the cart

What in heavens name

Is the landscape sustaining him

Anarchistic, anti everything but fools

A curious pastime

We're all of many faiths down here

He's a non believer

Almost unstoppable desire

Ecclesiastical power disappearing in the storm

It tells of multiple stories

Paints a unifying portrait


Trumpeting the artefacts

The blood of the redeemer

He is a classic entrepreneur

Enterprises slumped in the blizzard

Well it's becoming a lot less than it was

Investigate the truth behind the legend

Then return to the same disarray

A talkative prisoner will not suffer fools

As opposed to what he's reciting

Don' go anymore out to sea

A Smew bobbing by with his wings splayed to fly













The End

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