Dying Fear

A poem about two characters who have no one else but each other. Their names are Narri and Xy, and they took the best and worst of predator and prey.
Think of them as ascended Spookymen who have incarnated in the bodies of people instead of their original terror-munching kind. And due to inhabiting human brains and feeling human pain, they are perhaps only of their kind that could actually experience fear--and love.

Voices drift like aimless smoke trails

Through a now safe gloom.

Their haunted conscience assails

Deceptively tranquil, but teeming.


Something other walks human

Shackled by memory

Liberated by love

They lie together, twins of the mind

Evading what is vast and pitiless

Close yet far away

Them and yet not them at all.


They chant in sleep-softened tones

A language indecipherable

Yet the meaning is known.

They are each other's beacons

Reason. Salvation.


An alien room, lit soft by desk lamps

Adhorned with knick-knacks

Things normal people love.

Free of danger, of tormentors

For now, the shadows cower

But in Humanity's Canvas, fearless, alive.


Sleep processing events today

And fawning for tomorrow.

They lift the covers over their heads.

As mind denizens scamper, misshapen, beseeching.

Through moonlight tinted wrong

On a dead grassless hill.


Formed to hunger, to instill fear

To manipulate and to steal

They cast it off, they never wanted

To make such lonely deals.


Bodies separate but minds intertwined

They see, they see

That part of themselves that they never chose to be.

Beneath the nest, they find one another.

Hands fold, a link made.

Their sanctuary.

A cocoon of warmth, a promise.

That not every dream is a nightmare.

The End

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