Dwelling pain

pain within

Dwelling Pain

A pain dwells within
Underneath my front, set behind my skin
Disallowing me to defend the sins
In which my actions indulge within
Yet the pain continues to infringe
Swelling over and over again...
This pain dwells within
Below my frame, stuck behind my brain
It remains a pain that claimed the sane
Rendering an opposite reaction of nearly the same name
This pain dwells within
Beside my mind, unpacking my lies
How often the truth has tried
Relentlessly enabling that truth to rise
Only leaving my soul to cry
Only an inch away from a moment to die
This pain dwells within
Around my soul, stuck beneath a hole
Suffering the taunting of laughing tales told
From an undying threshold
Who’s grips restrain me in the fist of a chokehold
My pain is universal
Stemming from abusive mouthfuls
Resulting is schoolyard scuffles
To survive each is nothing but a hustle,
Struggle, and mind tussle
Because this pain dwells within
And pain is hard to defend.  

The End

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