Dust & Ashes

I saw you cast your halo aside
in the greying mist, you condemned me
to the evils of this world
I am in the vice of this emptiness
washed away in whiskey despair
I do nothing but breathe the acrid smoke

We sleep in hope that God hasn’t forgotten us
but you are certain he never existed
My God died a long time ago
When all the foundations of innocence
are burnt to the ground
All that remains is dust and ashes and nothing more

This is who we were all along

I witnessed an angel die before me
and I welcomed the sweet oblivion
Hoped it was the end, so sick of detachment
I found the crucifix you spat upon
and let it slip into the Hellfire
I can’t die inside if I am already dead

Spare no change for the prophet
he’ll just beg for one more glass
I swore I recognised him from somewhere
I never once forsaken you
although you wished for pestilence
that I would wither like autumn’s last leaf

The End

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