Words That No One Wants to Hear

 Bitter, broken

Quitter's tokens

Flirty names

And dirty games

Shallow hearts

And hallowed arts

Remembered well in those who left

Pity be to those who rest

Someday soon they'll disappear

Like words that no one wants to hear


They'll disappear from alleyways

From every dark forgotten place

All places that they've been before,

To which they will return once more.


No copper coins can save them now,

Nor that paper folds could aid, somehow,

And all their tips, for all their tricks,

Are jumbled round like pickup sticks.


Be needle or for broken bone,

Joint abuse or abuse alone,

Leering men, or fearing them,

Are those who escape the life they chose.

The shattered cries of shattered lives,

Those girls who never become wives.


Dyed blonde hair and burnt bronze skin

With love to spare and games to win

With all the makeup in the world,

Yet eyeshadow won't save these girls.


After a while, there are always marks on the arms,

Shadows under the eyes that mirror such harms

Tired mouths, sad eyes, a certain slink in their walk

Red flags, black flags, girls 'round the block.


Once they're in, there is no escape

Save as a story on ticker tape

No one they know has the will or the way

No one knows the right thing to say

Save anchormen in the aftermath,

Tracing, painting such horrid paths


So no one speaks, as pretty girls disappear

Like the ugly words no one wants to hear.

The End

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