The Land of Puddle and Rain

(An ode to British weather. And the people who endure it.)

The Land of Puddle and Rain

Where you are always sure to get wet,

Where mud reaches up to your elbows

And only water-proof concrete will set.

The grass grows green and long

And water is never an issue

Where winter is sure to be nippy

And the most common cry is "atishoo!"

Where showers are free every morning,

(You get one if you stand outside)

And central heating is vital

Or, at least, a large fireside.

You'll never be properly dry there

No matter how hard you try

The puddles and mud are everywhere

Beneath the rainy sky.

But the people of this land are resilient

You'll never meet a hardier lot

They'll get their walks on the beach,

Whether it's pouring or not!

The weather won't dent their pride,

Nothing daunts their hearts brave

Not even a cold, bleak midwinter

Will cause their courage to cave.

Yes, this land is a damp one

Covered in mist, fog and foam.

But, no matter how foul the climate.

We Brits still call this place home!

The End

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