What could go wrong Now?

This is three months in my life that I just kept adding too as it happened, and it kinda shocked me looking back on it now that all this happened in just three months.

I have lost weight

And I am in pain

But do not start me off again.

As to what is wrong

in my life. It would take forever

To tell of whenever 

I could go on no longer.


People are alive because of me

And that is how I want them to be.

I have never told anyone

It is on my chest

And do not get me started on the rest.


I hate my mother

But I cannot tell

It's like she holds me under a spell.


I am an embarrasment to them

But they did not have to say 

Now I hurt each and every day.


The one I love told me

His sister could die

Each night since then I only cry.


I am all alone

I have to fight myself to stay alive

For my friends I must survive.


Now my aunty is in hospital

They do not know what is wrong.

What if she shall be forever gone?


My mother has been sacked

Now we have no money

Will life ever again be funny?


I face each day

With a dragging heart

It doesn't help that I am smart.


I am almost not allowed

To follow the religion I choose

But in that I will not loose.


My best is not enough

But I did alright

There is no grounds for a fight.


They are not happy with me, the way I 

Am not into fashion or boys

But I have other joys.


I need a doctor

But what if he tells me I am to die

I refuse to watch my friends cry.


Now our car is broken, it needs to be repaired

But we have no money to spend

It's not just the car that needs to mend.


Valentines Day is near

I have no one to kiss

But that luxury I shall have to miss.


All my friends are in depression

I fear them committing suicide

But I cannot put it all behind.


Slowly I am failing

In my subjects at school

It feels like I am drowning in a deep dark pool.


I just found out

That another of my friends takes drugs

Why did she get involved with those thugs?


I want to protect them

I cannot work out why

I cannot seem to save them, no matter how hard I try.


My brother nearly got concussion again

Our mother does not care about him

But to disobey her is a sin.


All my treasured memories

Are being lost as time goes by

Am I too young to really die?


Every time I stand

My head spins round and round

I cannot see or hear a sound.


I am beginning to care

More about the boys in the park

I do not want them to be alone after dark.


My life is repeating

Over and over

I want everyone else to find the four leaf clover. 


My mother is in hospital

I don't care one bit

Maybe I should be bothered about it.


But does that make me just like her

Could I never care about anyone else

And only myself?


My ex-best friend claimed I never helped her

That I didn't really care

But I know I was always there.


I do not want to feel

Like I let someone down

Like I was the one who made them frown.


I cannot get it across

That is not me

The real me no one can see. 

The End

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