You criticize me in

Everything I do

These feelings that I have

I cannot get through to you.


You make me feel 

Like you do not care

And that I have to prove to you

That I am just and fair.


Children are not supposed to

Have to live up to

Such high expectations

Passed to me from you.


I can no longer love you

This I do not lie

All the things you do

To make you like a spy.


I cannot shout at you

Even though I should

Your humanity is cold

Your heart as hard as wood.


How can you wander

So blindly past

Everything bad in my life

That scars that will forever last.


It's like I am a disappointment 

I am not who you want me to be

I want to break my chains

So I can be set free. 


I hate that you judge me

I hate that you push me

I hate that you do not believe me

About my head or my knee.


You were not there

When I needed support

You make everything a mission

One I want to abort.


I am stronger

And more capable

Than you think I am

But even I can become breakable. 


The End

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