Dumbledore Dies on Page 596

Evil = ruining all the secrets of popular books

Severus Snape is the Half-Blood Prince, 

he’s in love with Harry’s mother.

He’s protected Harry ever since,

and never loved another.


Malfoy’s supposed to kill Dumbledore

but Dumbledore’s already dying

So he convinces Snape to kill him off

when Malfoy is finished trying.


There are seven horcruxes, not just six

and they have to destroy them all

Voldemort can’t die while they exist

because they’re pieces of his soul


When the Order all come to help Harry escape,

Moody and Hedwig are killed.

George gets his ear cursed off by Snape.

Lupin marries Tonks, and Fleur marries Bill


The Deathly Hallows are an unbeatable wand,

and also a cloak, and a stone

Harry has the latter two, 

but the wand he longs to own.


But Voldy finds it first, while the trio

gets the horcruxes one by one

Dobby dies, and they meet at Hogwarts

when each of their jobs is done


But the last horcrux is Harry himself

and Voldemort’s a horcrux of Harry

So Harry sacrifices himself

and comes back all determined and scary


Fred and Tonks and Lupin die,

and Snape, too, is a goner

'Cause the elder wand’s only loyal to the guy

who defeats its previous owner


Dumbledore had it, but Malfoy disarmed him,

and Harry beat Malfoy after.

So Voldy’s got it but it does no good,

because Harry’s its only true master.


Thus, Harry kicks Voldemort’s evil ass

and the portrait of Dumbledore cries

and Sirius never comes back at all.

So I guess Luna Lovegood lies.


Oh yeah, right before the Lupins died

they had a non-werewolf son.

And Harry ends up marrying Ginny.

and Hermione marries Ron.

The End

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