Keep swimming or go under.

Some go cold

Others burn

Some go insane

Others learn

Some take control

Others fall

Some don't believe

They existed at all


Breathless we swim

Through our own abyss

Asleep and alone

Where we won't be missed

Heartless they crawl

And taste and kiss

The shadows and holes

The scars on our wrists


Some find their voice

Others go quiet

Some make a choice

Others deny it

Some take the feast

Others shun it

Some fight the beast

And others become it


Grey skies unfold

Above downcast eyes

Overcooked guilt

Undercooked life

They come to devour

What's left of our souls

Secreted in shadowed knolls


Some let go

Others hold on

Some never know

Until it is gone

That life has a meaning

Beyond what we are

Some can escape

Others leave scars


Helpless we cry

For the lives we can't reach

So many footprints

Erased by the beach

Amorphous we stand

Among ashes and ghosts

Hand in dead hand

I miss you the most


The End

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