Drunken Stupor

A poem... not sure what else to write here...

I am all alone,
and left to rust,
get out of this mess,
I know I must,
when the options come,
should I take or give,
I will ask myself,
is this how I want to live?

The night has come,
my will to live undone,
I sit as one,
waiting for the sun,
I want to die,
I need to cry,
in all these lies,
I stop to ask myself why?

You've gone and left and I'm in love,
with someone who doesn't quite exist,
are my feelings for you terminated,
or simply just blended in with the mist?
These eyes I see through,
are covered in tears and blood,
they fog my vision to finally know,
whether or not you are the one

I'm so intoxicated by fantasy,
that reality makes my hangover cruel,
so know I will perish quietly,
without an entirely epic duel,
and my gravestone carefully crafted,
from ceramic, sweat, and tears,
I used to cherish you; now I'm gone,
goodnight and goodbye my dear

The End

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